• Online Business Accelerator - Social Media For Small Business Ireland
     Online Business Accelerator - Social Media  Mentor For Small Business Ireland

    What If...

    your social media posts were getting seen by the right people and getting you clients?


    What If...

    you knew how to communicate on social media with confidence in a way that felt good and could reach more followers organically?


    What If...

    social media was easy for you and you knew exactly what to post to build an audience and make sales?

    What If...

    you had systems and a strategy that worked so you could spend less time online?


    What If...

    you never had to worry about the algorithm again?

    What If...

    growing your business online was easy and didn’t feel like a huge task but allowed you to increase your business


    ...without needing 10,000 followers, or spending all your time online?

    Here's The Problem...

    Here’s how most people tend to approach social media for their business:

    • They buy lots of courses around the latest tricks to use social media for business, but often don't have the time or the will to finish them.
    • Exhausted after a day's work, they find some time to post on Facebook & Instagram, hoping something will happen.
    • But all they get are a couple of likes from the same people and they feel like they are totally invisible.
    • They try to put some money into Facebook ads but it never seems to work for them.
    • Occasionally someone might reach out with a message showing interest, and they spend some time replying to questions, but nothing comes from it.


    Eventually, they decide that social media just doesn't work and they give up...and I don't blame them!

    Feeling like you're just wasting your time and money is not fun. And knowing that you have something that people need, but you can't get it out there, is hard.

    But it doesn't have to be like that!

    I've been exactly where you are now...

    I started with zero understanding of social media...

    and figured out how to get over 30k followers on Instagram!

    Instagram Growth

    The first time I uploaded a picture to this Instagram account, I was afraid to make it public, in case people saw it!

    Now look at it!


    When I started my own account I worried about showing my face on camera because I wasn't 25 and was afraid of being seen as too old or made fun of.

    Now I do live videos, reels & IGTV's. I found my voice and feel confident showing up.


    I understand that you don't need another social media course. You need a strategy around your business and you need individual support to walk you through it.


    That's exactly what OBA is.


    I have found that my program works best for these two groups of people:


    1. Small Business owners, who didn't grow up with social media and have little to no online presence for their business

    2. Small Business owners who didn't grow up with social media and have been trying to use social media for their business but can't seem to get it to work for them.

    How It Works: My 6 Step Method


    When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk
    about your goals and business. From there, we will develop a customised plan to move
    you through the following steps:



    Step 1: The Online Business Blueprint to Growth
    In the first week, we break down the entire process of growing your business online. We
    take your goals and make them specific and create steps to bring them into reality. We’ll
    introduce productivity and time management systems that get you set up for success
    online and help you create an online business you can manage without running yourself
    into the ground!

    Step 2: Discover WHO Your Audience Is
    In week two we dive into uncovering who your audience is. You’ll develop a definitive clear
    picture of who you are selling to and learn everything about them including how to easily
    find them online. You’ll learn how to find them, easily, without spending money on ads. You will take the first important steps in connecting with and growing your audience online. This will serve as the core of your online presence.


    Step 3: Positioning & Branding
    In step three we get clear on exactly what problem you solve for your audience and learn
    how to position your business as the solution in an irresistible way to attract your ideal
    audience and have them take action. We work on your branding and how that carries
    across Instagram & Facebook. This is key to attracting the right clients.


    Step 4: Simplified Social Media
    In step four you’ll learn everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram. We
    work on your social media mindset so that you know how to beat the algorithm once and
    for all. You’ll learn how to set up your profiles correctly so they attract your audience,
    maximise search and how you can use all the tools available to you (stories/post types etc)
    to grow your audience. We’ll cover all the do’s and don'ts on each platform too.
    We’ll cover everything from hashtags to organic growth.

    You’ll learn how to use your time on social media effectively through using my signature 7
    day formula for accelerating your social media growth, without having to rely on paid ads.
    The best part? Your lifetime access means that when Facebook & Instagram make a
    change, you’ll get every update too!


    Step 5: Content Writing For Conversion
    In step five you’ll learn all the formulas and recipes for writing content online that converts.
    We’ll work through content ideas together and implement a content strategy that you can
    easily follow and schedule your content with. We will take time for you to implement what
    you’ve learned under my guidance too. You’ll get my eyes on your copy so that we can
    work on crafting the perfect posts for your audience. You’ll walk away with templates for
    social media that you can use after our time together.


    Step 6: Selling Online
    In step six we’ll work on selling through social media. We’ll look at the best way for your
    business to sell online and ensure that your sales call to action (CTA) is clear, enticing and




    • I'll give you systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week. I’ve been able to make a full-time income from my own online business using social media, for the past 3 years. I’ll show you the exact steps I took.
    • I have a degree in Marketing, a background in journalism and have been successfully managing the social media of startups and some well-known brands for the past 4 years.
    • ​I’ll support you with weekly calls, one to one strategy for your business, as well as daily messaging support.
    • I focus on implementation. You will not be left on your own in this program.
    • ​I’ll teach you how to develop your writing skills for social media & overcome your blocks. We’ll work in real-time on your content so you walk away with the skills you need to move forward.
    • I know what it’s like to feel like technology/social media is overwhelming. I’ll keep it simple and walk you through exactly what you need to know, step by step.
    • On completion of this program, you will walk away with the tools you need to flourish and grow your business on social media.


    Online Business Accelerator - Social Media For Small Business Ireland

    Client Testimonials


    Paula wanted to learn how to use social media to attract the right people and show the world that she was open for business.


    She wanted more than just a catalog for her pieces, she wanted to use social media and create an online business plan that would work for her.


    Paula wanted to learn how to use social media in a practical WAY


    Watch Paula's video to hear about her experience in OBA.


    "Working with Karen changed my life completely she helped me to slowly show the real me online without fear of making mistakes.

    Not only did she help me build profitable social media systems and structures and strategies within my business, the mindset and inner work she covered with me was incredible."


    David joined OBA to gain clarity on how to use social media to grow his business.


    David is passionate about facilitating change in people's lives and wanted to learn how to get his message to a bigger audience.


    Watch David's video to hear about his experience in OBA.

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