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    Hi! I'm Karen

    I help service business owners grow their businesses online using social media and content marketing EFFECTIVELY.

    I do this through my signature program; ONLINE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR 2.0 - COMING SOON!

    Karen McCarthy Social Media Strategist in Ireland

    A little about me

    I'm a 'late bloomer', but so was Harrison Ford so I consider myself in great company! I worked a job I didn't like, managing an offline business, for 10 years.
    I thought I was too old to start over and I didn't even know where to begin when it came to online business.
    But in 2015, everything changed with a blog I started writing about dog friendly places in Ireland. I created an Instagram account for the blog, which now has over 30k followers today.
    In 2016 I packed my bags, rented out my house, quit my job and took a plane to the South of France. That's where I started up-skilling and working on my online business idea.
    Now, I'm based wherever my laptop is (usually Dublin or Nice) and I couldn't be happier.
    You see, social media changed the game for all of us because it got rid of all the gatekeepers. Now business can happen anywhere and we can reach anyone with the phone we have in our pockets! So let's take it out and start designing your dream life!
    My story in dates
    2005 Graduated with a B.A in Digital Marketing & French
    2006 Began managing an SME
    2015 Started a blog about dogs and an Instagram account that would change my world
    2015 Started working as a social media strategist and content writer for small businesses
    2016 Packed in the job and life that didn't fulfill me and moved to France
    2017 Graduated with a Diploma in Social Media Marketing
    2017 - Present Helping service business owners grow their businesses online, using social media effectively
    2019 Online Business Accelerator was born
    Move your service business online Ireland
    Social Media Business Mentor Ireland

    Online Business Accelerator (OBA)

    Karen McCarthy Social Media Business Mentor Ireland

    Still want to know more?

    My story

    I've always had a passion for storytelling.

    My background is mixed. I studied Marketing before and after Social Media. I'm a writer, and I worked as a journalist. I am passionate about music and I sing.

    I never liked traditional Marketing and after studying it for five years, I moved away from it to run an offline business for over a decade.

    Then I fell in love with Marketing through Social Media because something had changed.

    To succeed long term in the social media world, you need to be honest, to deliver value and to tell your story.


    I got back into Marketing as a Content Writer on Social Media and I loved it.

    I loved bringing out the personality of a business through my content and connecting with the audience.

    Too Old To Be On Social Media?

    I was 35 when I started using social media properly. I didn't grow up with it so it was all new to me. I learned by trial and error, being a practitioner and investing heavily in mentors to guide me.


    My background in marketing paired with my experience as a journalist helped me to grow quickly.

    When you work with me you're not just benefiting from my eyes on your business. You get that and all the years of experience and study I have under my belt.


    Working with a mentor in this way will collapse time for you on your business journey. Instead of spending hours and years figuring it all out, you take what I have tried and tested and implement it under my guidance.

    Karen McCarthy Social Media Ireland

    What I do

    I work with service business owners to help them to grow their business online. I teach you how to use social media the right way.


    I kind of stumbled into my love for social media because of my dogs! I was blogging about dog-friendly places in Dublin and set up an Instagram account for them and well, over 30k followers later, running social media accounts became my full-time job!


    My approach has its foundations in empathy. I know what it feels like to be stuck or feel like everyone else has it figured out. I've dealt with my own limiting beliefs and come through the other side.

    I meet you, wherever you are on your journey, and help you take the next steps forward to reach your ultimate goals.


    Social media is a tool for everyone, and I'm here to show you how it will work for you.

    I know the reality of juggling a full-time business while navigating the online space. I work with that in mind.


    I help you implement systems and strategies that use your time wisely so you can get the results without spending too much time online.


    I believe in automating where possible while remaining authentic. I put the focus on creating good content and working smarter. THIS is what gets the best results.


    We all deserve more freedom and flexibility in our lives and using Social Media for your business can give you that.


    If you need support to bring your business online, let's talk!

    It's time to make your business visible.