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How Often Should You Post On Social Media To Grow Your Business? (2020)

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Is once a day enough?

Is it too much?

If you post too often will people unfollow you?

Read on for the answer to these questions so you can finally know how much content you need to be putting out there to grow your business.

Quality V Quantity

what is more important for content, quality or quantity

You've probably been advised to focus on quality over quantity.

It's actually a combination of both.

While it's true that overall the quality of your content is the most important thing, you may not get your content to that high quality level without pushing it out in quantity first.

Let me explain. You've heard the expression 'done is better than perfect'? Well that's what you need to use to guide your content creation, especially at the start. You need to be prepared to put out content that may not be perfect and learn from it so that you can use what you learn to increase the quality of your content.

I'm not saying to intentionally put out content that is rubbish. No, you need to give every piece of content your best shot and if you have absolutely nothing to post, don't post something just for the sake of it.

Consider this your permission slip for your content to not be perfect!

A more accurate way to think about this is quantity over perfection.

Especially when you're starting out and your audience is small.

Post a lot, and actively learn from the feedback you are getting.

Then as your audience grows you will have grown too, you'll be a more advanced content creator and your quality will have greatly improved.  

Consistency Is What Matters

How often should I post on social media

Consistent posting on social media helps your audience to trust you. They get used to seeing you, they get to know you, you become a part of their routine. You train them to expect posts from you, which is the foundation of the relationship you are building with them.

If you suddenly disappear, you break that trust.

This is why consistency is more important than frequency. Consistent posting is whatever amount of posts you can realistically put out every single week.

Don't let your enthusiasm get the better of you and overcommit to a schedule that is not possible to maintain.

Your Daily Posting Guide, Platform By Platform

Now you know that done is better than perfect and consistency is more important than frequency, let's dive in!

Keep those principles in mind, and use the guide below as a tool to get you started on the road to consistent content.

Remember, it's a guide. Only commit to what you can realistically do every single week.


2 - 3 posts a day

How often should I post on Facebook

One to three posts may feel like a lot, but these can be status updates, a shared post or an opinion poll.

A Facebook business page typically has a low organic reach as posts from friends and family are prioritised in the newsfeed.

But that doesn't mean you can't grow organically. It all comes down to how relevant your content is to your audience. If you post content that your audience wants to see (high relevancy), your content will get priority in the newsfeed.


1 post a day, multiple stories a day

How often should I post on Instagram

Daily posts on Instagram will help your account grow. Again, relevancy to your audience is key here. We don't need a picture of every meal you had today!


Post content that you know your audience wants to see on Instagram. Think of a scroll stopping image and an enticing and intriguing caption.

Focus a lot of your content on your stories. This is a great way to build relationships with your audience and test out what kind of content your audience is most interested in.

Bonus - share your stories from Instagram to Facebook automatically and let your content on Instagram help your Facebook page too.


5 - 15 Tweets a day

How often should I post on Twitter

Twitter is fast moving and very much about what is happening now.

Think about how you use Twitter.

Do you go to accounts and read all their Tweets or do you scroll the news feed?


Tweets have short life spans and that's why volume is important.

You still want to be Tweeting relevant content and not just Tweeting for the sake of it, but just keep in mind the lifespan a Tweet has.


1 post a day

How often should I post on LinkedIn

If you can create an original piece of content once a day on LinkedIn, you will see a lot of engagement.

On LinkedIn, you can create a post or an article as original content. A post is similar to Facebook, whereas an article is more like a blog post, native to LinkedIn.

If your audience is on LinkedIn, get posting!

LinkedIn is a great place to grow your audience because people are already in the frame of mind to do business there. You are not interrupting them, they are open and curious. You can be a lot more direct with your content on LinkedIn and focus on more value/teaching posts that are relevant to your audience.

But Won't People Get Fed Up Seeing Your Posts?

Are people sick of seeing my posts on social media


Because chances are they are not seeing all your posts.

You can test this out for yourself by ignoring posts from a friend for a couple of days. Don't engage with them and don't even pause to read them. After a few days, you won't see their content anymore! But as soon as you search for them and like their posts, they'll be back in your newsfeed again!

Each platform only shows a certain percentage of content to each user. This is dictated by the algorithm of the platform. Things like relevancy, relationship, and timeliness are what determine whether or not someone sees your content. So if they are seeing everything you put out there, it's because they are interested in your content.

To Recap (screenshot this to remind yourself!)

Quantity over perfection.

Be consistent and build trust.

Always be relevant to your audience.

Be patient. Nothing happens overnight.

Allow yourself time to get to know your audience and focus on the goal of building a relationship with them on social media. 

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