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How To Create A Cohesive Instagram Feed

· Social Media

When people land on your Instagram account, what do they see?

Can they quickly tell what your account is about?

Or does it look more like a personal account of random images?

Having a planned out Instagram feed can do a lot for your business;

-it gives your account a professional feel

-it projects your brand

-it helps convert people into followers

If you feel like your feed is a bit all over the place right now, don't worry, you can make your feed cohesive with these four simple tweaks!

1. Pick A Colour Palette

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Pick a colour palette, that ties in with your brand and make a decision to stick to it. There is no hard fast rule here, just keep in mind the purpose of your account and what you want people to think and feel when they land on it.

I would recommend having 2 - 4 colours, with one of those colours being a background colour (like white) to pull it all together. Just focus on matching your brand as that's what really matters here.

If you haven't quite defined your brand colours, no problem! Just pick one or two colours to start and you can add to it from there.

I used black and white for years before I added yellow in.

Take a look at some big brand accounts and notice what they do with colours. Just like when you decorate a room, the colours on your Instagram feed can impact people's emotions too.

Use that as a tool to connect and communicate with your audience.

2. Pick A Filter

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Filters and presets are great ways to make your photos look more professional and they can help you achieve that 'on brand' look too.

By finding the right filter that ties in with your brand you can quickly give your whole feed a cohesive feel.

You can buy ready made filters/presets or you can create your own using tools like Snapseed.

3. Pick A Theme

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You can theme your feed by using colours and presets as already mentioned, or you can simply alternate the types of images you post to create a feed!

For example, if you post an image, and then post a quote, over and over, you will end up with a checkerboard theme (as I have in the above image).

You can see with my feed I have;

- My brand colours (white, black and yellow)

- I have applied a preset to my images to give them all the same look and feel

- I have used the checkerboard theme by alternating my posts between images and texts

It's worth putting a little time aside to browse other accounts and figure out what kind of colour and theme will work best for your brand.

It's the difference between having a professional account or people thinking it's just a personal account.

4. Rinse & Repeat

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Once you find the right colour, filter and theme for your brand, just keep posting it and after nine posts you feed will already look how you want it to!

If you're not sure about which theme/colour/filter to go with initially, try it out and see how it looks! You can always change your mind. If you scroll down through anyone's Instagram feed you will notice different themes and colours as that account tested out its own themes.

To Recap (screenshot this to reming yourself!

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Create a cohesive Instagram theme in 4 simple steps:

1. Pick 2 - 4 colours

2. Pick a filter you can use on all images

3. Choose a theme

4. Repeat!

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