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3 Ways To Increase Your Engagement On Instagram

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If your Instagram account has been stuck at the same level for a while, I have three ways that will help you get off stuck mode and grow, with the right followers.

1. Follow The Trends

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Instagram is always introducing new features or ways to post on the platform.

When they introduce something (like Stories, IGTV and now Reels) jump on the trend.

You don't need to be perfect but just give it a try. Why? Because those who are the early adopters of new Instagram features will benefit from an increase in reach.

Instagram rewards you for giving it a go and you'll have a higher chance of your content being featured on the explore page.

Need proof? Go to the explore page right now and see what is taking up more than 50% of the feed. A Reel!

ACTION STEP: Take action today by posting a Reel.

If you don't know what to post you can join my Reel Challenge on Instagram here.

2. Don't Be Shy

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Instagram is not a search engine. Getting found is not as easy as it is on YouTube or Pinterest.

You need to think of Instagram like a digital networking platform.

If you went to represent your business at an event, would you stand in the corner and wait for people to come to you or would you walk up to people you thought were your ideal client and have a conversation with them?

This is the foundation of how Instagram works; genuine connections and conversations.

I always recommend to my clients that they spent at least 50% of their time on Instagram engaging with other content, strategically and authentically.

ACTION STEP: Take 10 minutes out of your day today and start real, meaningful conversations with your ideal clients on Instagram.

3. Don't Ghost

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Be honest. Do you post consistently?

It's not even about posting every day (although that would be great!) but it's about being consistently present for your audience and letting them know they can trust you to show up for them, consistently.

The worst thing you can do is post every day for a week or two and then stop posting for a couple of weeks. It comes across as scattered and doesn't instil trust. It also means that you are starting over again every time you come back to posting.

Your content is your brand presence. It's how you serve future clients and become top of mind for what you do. Posting consistently will build your profile and help the long term growth of your account too.

ACTION STEP: Be realistic. How often can you post on Instagram, and stick to it?

Daily is amazing, but if 3/4 times a week is more realistic then that's perfect too.

There you have it! Three simple ways to increase your engagement on Instagram that you can do today.

Remember, Instagram is a long game. You are building a brand, awareness, and becoming top of mind with the right people; your ideal client.

Don't get hung up on vanity metrics (followers and likes) focus on implementing the three steps in this blog and the rest will take care of itself.

To Recap (screenshot this to reming yourself!

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Instagram is the long game. Implement these three things into your Instagram strategy today and you will see the difference:

- Follow the trends, create a Reel (join my #reelchallenge here)

- Be social, make the first move and spend +50% of your time in authentic conversation with your audience

- Don't ghost, be consistent in your content

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