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What Is Clubhouse?

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If you haven't already heard, there's a new social media platform in town. But before you roll your eyes at the thought of yet another platform to master, let me tell you why Clubhouse might be the platform you've been waiting for.

Ok, but what IS Clubhouse?

The easiest way to describe it? It's as if Zoom and Podcasts had a baby!

A more technical definition is that it's an audio based platform that focuses on high value conversations and connections.

audio platform Clubhouse

Clubhouse has been around since April 2020, but you might not have heard of it because it's still in Beta. 

That means that it's not a platform that you can just download and start using. This is where it starts to stand out from the rest already.

To access Clubhouse you first of all need to be on an iPhone or iPad. This won't always be the case but while it's in beta mode, sorry android users. 

Now, if you are an apple user you're still not automatically in.

You also need an invitation to the platform from someone who is already using it.

Getting started with clubhouse

I'll admit, when I first heard that Clubhouse was invite only, I rolled my eyes.

But having done some research and spent some time inside the platform I see what they are trying to do. 

It's not about excluding people. It's about getting it right with a limited amount of people before opening it up to everyone. And honestly, maybe that's what all social media platforms should have done. Figured out how to best run the platform before numbers and popularity take over. 

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Let's break down the anatomy of Clubhouse and how it works.

The good news is, you don't have to post any content! You don't even have a wall or a feed, just a profile. 

Clubhouse is made up of clubs, and in these clubs there are rooms. So, there could be a club on Women in Business, and that club will have rooms going on, often several at a time, where the conversation is happening, live. 

You can start a room, or you can go to the 'hallway' and browse the rooms that are in session and pop in and out of them as you please.

A guide to Clubhouse

You can listen to rooms as you would a podcast, but it's interactive. You can raise your hand, join the moderators of the room on 'stage' to ask a question/join the conversation, like you would in Zoom.

Everything is audio, no video at all, so you can be in your PJ's and chatting away to industry leaders if you like! My kind of platform.

Why Is Clubhouse Different?

Clubhouse is unique in a lot of ways. Not just because of the current invite only status. Let's take a look at what's making Clubhouse standout:

Networking On Speed

On Clubhouse you have the ability to pop into a room that is moderated by the top leaders in your industry and you can raise your hand and speak directly to them.

I have witnessed many magical things happen on Clubhouse because of this. I heard a woman yesterday raise her hand and tell the room how she was a struggling single mom running a business and trying to give back to her community by donating meals to the homeless. But she was struggling herself. A moderator took the stage and told her he just had visited her Instagram and was so moved by what she was doing that he wanted to help. He gave her access to his high level (and high ticket!) business program and offered her personal help and contacts on the spot. Bam. Life changed.

Networking is key to your growth in business and Clubhouse is changing the game.

No Selling

Selling is not encouraged on the platform. When you open your mic you do it to ask or answer a question. To give or receive value. You are not there to sell, you are there to make real connections and help others. The selling happens, but just not on Clubhouse. People will then connect with you through your Instagram or Twitter. So it's a good ideal to have your sales funnel set up on these other platforms.

Traffic Generator For Instagram & Twitter

On your profile you can link both your Instagram and Twitter accounts. This means that you are not punished but encouraged to send people to your Twitter or Instagram accounts. This is a new feature that so far we've only seen on TikTok. Facebook tends to punish you for taking people off the platform, but TikTok and Clubhouse encourage it!

So again, make sure your profiles are set up to convert people to the next step, whatever you want that to be.


Fear of missing out is real on Clubhouse. Why? Because these conversations happen in real time and there are no replays. I think this takes the pressure off as content creators because you can just focus on in the moment conversations rather than repurposing. Although I am increasingly seeing people create 'show notes' that they can then email you or they live Tweet quotes/notes that you can connect with.

But that aspect of FOMO encourages people to interact with you more. It tells people that the conversation is happening now, and you either take part or miss out!

Goodbye Perfection

It's a live app, nothing is recorded so you are not expected to be perfect. You can be lying on your couch with your eyes closed and your dog on your stomach chatting away and giving value. Live content often feels like a lot of pressure, but actually it's the opposite. And with an audio only platform, that's even more true! You don't need to be perfect on Clubhouse. You just need to show up with the intention to take part.

Your Profile

Your profile is important because it's the only permanent thing have on Clubhouse!

You want the first line of your profile to really convey what you are the 'go to' for. That first line is the only text people will see when they are searching for people.

Set up your profile on Clubhouse

Don't tell people everything about yourself, you need to summarise why you are someone they want to connect with or not.

Bragging is encouraged, tell them what you are known for, awards, features etc.

Tell them what topics you can help them with. Think of it like you have entered a room full of incredible conversations and your profile is the sign you are carrying around with you so people know which conversation you can be a part of.

You can't have a clickable link in your profile but you can link your Instagram and Twitter. Link them and make sure that your bios on those platforms best reflect what you are about.

The more you are active in rooms (from just listening in, to asking a question and moderating) the more people will be clicking onto your profile to have a nose and check out your Instagram/Twitter too.

Use keywords you want to be found under in your profile too as it's all SEO friendly!

What Is a Room & How Does It Work?

A room is where the conversation happens in Clubhouse.

Once you are in Clubhouse, you can start a room.

Just tap the green 'start a room' button on the bottom centre of the screen:

Start a room on Clubhouse

To join a room, you literally just tap into any of the rooms in session. To see that a room is in session, it will appear in the 'hallway' which is what the feed is called in Clubhouse.

As you click in to a room that is in session you will see all the people who are in the room.

Who is running the room?

The profiles with a green circle beside their names, are the moderators. They are running the room and can bring you up on stage to answer your questions.

How do I ask a question?

Just hit the raise hand button on the bottom right of your screen. Then the moderator will bring you up on stage by accepting your hand raise and allowing you to unmute yourself and speak.

How do I leave a room?

You can just close the app or hit the 'leave quietly'. Don't worry, no one will get notified.

Clubhouse - Getting Started 5 Step Guide

Step One - write up your profile

Choose a clear and professional photo and write up the content of your profile.

Focus on a headline that clearly shows what you are about and focus on the value you can deliver. Check other users profiles for some inspiration. Connect your Instagram & Twitter.

Step Two - connect with others

Search for people you already know and follow them. Search for people who are connected to topics of interest to you that you could collaborate with and follow them.

If you want to really make a connection, follow them on Clubhouse and on Twitter/Instagram.

If you want to be notified when a user is moderating a room you can click on the bell in the top right of their profile. That way you can connect with them in their room and even raise your hand to speak.

Step Three - search for clubs

Use the search option to search for clubs too. And you don't just have to be in business related clubs. Search under your interests too. Then follow the clubs and get involved in the rooms they host.

Step Four - turn off notifications!

Clubhouse is running live 24/7 and the combination of FOMO and high level content will keep you on it 24/7! So turn off your notifications and treat it like other social media; set time limits, and actively decide on the conversations you want to be a part of. Moderators will schedule their rooms and as you follow them you can see what's on in the calendar so you can plan what you want to join and stay off the app outside of that!

Step Five - start a room! 

Once you've got the hang of the platform it's time to take the stage and start a room. Find someone who can co-moderate with you and just get started. All it is, is a conversation about a topic you are an expert on and people will come in and listen and ask you some questions.

Lead with value and as people come into your room and hang out, invite them to connect with you on your DM's over on Instagram or Twitter.


Clubhouse is not just another social media platform you need to learn.

It's a place to make high level connections, show yourself as an expert and grow your business.

To get started on it, focus on your profile and connecting with clubs and people first.

Listen in on rooms to find your feet and then find someone you can co moderate a room with and go for it!

If you're on Clubhouse, I'd love to connect with you. You can find me @karenmccarthy

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